Specialty Weed Control

Shrub Bed Weed Control

We access your site to offer the highest level of control appropriate for your planting beds.

Nobody enjoys spending their summer pulling weeds.  At Bestway Spray Service we offer weed control in shrub beds.  We use the strongest materials appropriate for the site.  We recommend newly constructed beds be treated as soon as possible even if weed fabric has been installed.  Over time, dirt will blow in and develop a seedbed on top of the fabric.  Also, if the fabric is covered with landscape bark, it will decompose and add to the growing media.  Allowing weeds to become established will make control more difficult and less complete.

We use a combination of herbicides that are safe over the top of shrubs and most perennials. Areas that will be planted later in the season need to be marked out by the homeowner to help the applicator avoid such areas. Plants planted into treated areas after application likely will not do well.For best results, beds should be treated as soon as the snow is off and the ground is thawed.  Leaf litter and debris needs to be removed to ensure even coverage of the soil surface.  The earlier this can be done the better the control will be.

Weed control in shrub beds requires walking a fine line between weed control and plant damage.  Basically we are saying, “we want these types of plants to not live here and these types of plants to thrive here”.  Due to this, the materials used are the weakest form of herbicides.

For this reason, Bestway Spray will not guarantee shrub bed weed control.  However, we have many satisfied customers whose beds require little or no further weed control during the season, due to the quality of the materials we use and the thoroughness of the application.


Total Vegetation Control (sterilizing)

In our North Idaho environment weeds grow.  Even gravel driveways and parking lots grow weeds.  Some of our area weeds are well known for building resistance to herbicides.  At Bestway Spray Service, we offer applications to kill and prevent all vegetation from growing in these sites.  We also do roadways, roadsides and industrial sites.  Each site is evaluated and multiple herbicides are custom mixed to try to obtain the longest control possible while maintaining necessary safety to adjacent surroundings.

There are many herbicides, penetrators and wetting agents on the market for these purposes and each has their positive and negative properties.  We have the experience and knowledge to match these properties to get the best results for the special conditions that each site presents.  In some cases, two or more season control can be accomplished although we will not warrant more than one season of control.


Noxious Weed Control

State laws require property owners to control noxious
weeds.  We can customize mixes to target the type of noxious weed(s) you need to control.

Roundup Control
Landscaping, re-landscaping or maintaining, Roundup is the material of choice to kill off unwanted vegetation but still allow immediate planting.