Lawn Care

Lawn Weed Control

At Bestway Spray Service, we use a four herbicide, liquid weed control mix.  This provides excellent control on a wide range of lawn weeds.  Since we use granular fertilizer exclusively one might ask why we don’t use granular “weed and feed”.  Any homeowner that has used these products knows the answer.  They aren’t very effective at weed control.  The more effective granular weed and feed products usually include a soil active herbicide that can pose a threat to any trees, shrubs or flowers that have roots extending into the treated area.  We often get calls to diagnose tree defoliation problems that trace back to homeowner use of “weed and feed” on their lawn.  We consider this risk unacceptable.  Using liquid herbicides allows us to customize our mix for maximum possible control.

All weeds do not react equally to herbicides.  “Clovers” (white dutch, red, black medic, etc.) are “moderately resistive” weeds.  For lawns with significant infestations of these weeds, we often recommend two closely spaced applications for initial control.  After this, the regular spring and fall application program keeps good control.

A couple of other low occurrence, difficult weed problems that we do have in our area are oxalis and crabgrass. These take special approaches for control,

Oxalis looks like a clover but is actually in the woodsorrel family. It may occur in lawns as green or purple. It is highly resistive to herbicides at the point in the season that you can see it.

Crabgrass does occur here on a very low occurrence basis usually along walkways and other heat absorbing areas. If you are unlucky enough to have crabgrass, you know it is unsightly. Unlike other areas of the country, our climate here in north Idaho is just cool enough to make it difficult for crabgrass to establish. Because of this, watering and mowing as recommended by Bestway Spray Service staff can prevent germination.

Oxalis and Crabgrass can be controlled with early spring pre-emergent herbicide applications that Bestway Spray Service offers. These are done on an as needed basis since they are low occurrence. We do not push pre-emergent lawn applications on all of our customers when only a few have such problems.


Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization produces the most visible results in landscape care.  At Bestway Spray Service, we exclusively use fully balanced blended fertilizer on our customers’ lawns.  This means it has the proper proportion of nutrients every time it is applied.  This produces longer lasting greening and thicker, healthier lawns that are more disease and wear resistant.

Many services use fertilizer blends that are very heavily nitrogen proportioned. These produce some green color but are primarily just more profitable for the applicator.

Lawn fertilizer applications starting at 49$ per application (lawns 3000sqft and smaller)


Large Turf Weed Control

At Bestway Spray Service, we are equipped to do quality weed control on very large turf areas. We can service areas of 1, 5, 10, 40 acres or more. We use equipment designed and built for spraying turf, not road equipment that can tear up turf areas. Our equipment is very low drift and built to provide seamless coverage very quickly so as not tie up areas such as athletic fields. We use multi-herbicide mixes to give maximum possible control per application. This equipment is only for turf or very smooth pastures. For selective weed control in other types of areas, see Noxious Weed Abatement.

Lawn weed spray applications starting out as low as 45$ per time! (lawns 3000sqft and smaller)


Lawn Insect and Disease Control

At Bestway Spray Service, we offer applications for lawn insect and disease control on an as needed basis, however, proper fertilizer (ours) and proper watering (as advised by our staff) will prevent most of these types of problems from developing.



Lawn Top Dressing


Over Seeding


Soil PH Correction